Let’s Get Married – Generation 1.1

Liberty moved in and they settled into a little bit of a routine. Liberty would work on her writing and Braylen would work in the garden or search for more seeds. Liberty fixed dinners that consisted of mac & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches, but she was learning at least. Braylen didn’t complain at all.

Time together - G1

Liberty finally finished her first book named Pat’s Little Garden a children’s book.PC for Liberty - G1

After Liberty put her new book out into the work to see if anyone would buy her self-published book, Braylen surprised her by dropping to one knee. Liberty will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and growing old together, ask Braylen with such love. Liberty knew this day would come and yet she was so excited that she almost forgot to say yes.

Marry me - G1

Liberty jumped into Braylen’s arms and smothered him with kisses. Of course, I will marry you!

She said yes - G1

The next few days as tried to decide whether or not they would do a small ceremony it seems that every item in the house decided to break. Braylen was either working in the garden or fixing a leaking shower or toilet. Liberty continued to write.

Repairs abound - G1

One afternoon Liberty approached Braylen after he had finished working in the garden. Liberty asked Braylen to go out near the garden. She grabbed his hands and said that she wanted to get married right then without a big ceremony. Braylen said that as long as she was happy he didn’t care where they got married.

Marry me now - G1

They exchanged vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss. They were officially married. Finally married - G1


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