Growing Garden and Family – Gen 1.2

Liberty and Braylen worked side by side in the garden as it grew. Braylen was always on the look out for more plants. He even started to learn how to graft and create new plants. He was quite pleased with how his garden was progressing and he has even begun to sell some of the herbs to the locals.

Gardening together

Liberty whispers “Hey Braylen, why don’t we go into the bedroom and practice making a baby”.  Of course he thinks it is a wonderful idea! Practice makes perfect or so they say.

Gotta secret - G1

A few weeks and days of practicing goes by and Liberty announces, “We’re pregnant”!! Braylen almost choked on the cookie he was eating. You can’t see the excitement on his face, but his certainly happy to building his legacy.

Baby coming

They finally add a baby’s room off the kitchen as Liberty’s belly expands.

baby on board

Pregnancy has spurred Liberty into a book writing machine. She is either writing or learning more about gardening.

Writing more books

Braylen was man in love with his wife and baby. He constantly talked to Liberty’s belly. She thought it was so cute.

Feeling belly

Braylen and Liberty were out looking at the garden when all of a sudden she went into labor. Braylen almost lost it, but Liberty said that labor could last for hours. Braylen wasn’t sure if he could last for hours if he had to endure the pain that showed on her face.

Labor time

After several uncomfortable hours Shari Cottrell was born. Now we need a boy for the next baby in order to get ready for the heir of Gen 2.

Welcome baby

Braylen and Shari. Will she be a daddy’s girl?

Daddy and baby


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