Whoa Baby – Gen 1.4

Liberty’s belly grew so fast, it made her tired a lot in the beginning of this pregnancy.

Baby bump 2

The house was remodeled again adding a room for painting and room for Liberty’ desk. The living room area was no longer the place her to write. Braylen needed another outlet when not working in the garden, so he thought perhaps painting would be sort of relaxing.

Free time

Liberty played music for her baby bump! She hoped to calm the baby down from all the movement it was making. This was one active baby.

Beautiful music

Braylen thought he was getting fat and the profits from selling the vegetables and flowers were quite good, plus Liberty’s books were selling quite well. So they brought exercise equipment. She wanted to make sure Braylen never said anything to her about losing the baby weight.

Work out time

Soon it was time for Bristol to grow up.

Bristol grows up

Breakfast with the girls. They learn that Bristol is very social.

Girl time

And as soon as Bristol got in the bed that evening, Liberty walks up to the crib in labor.

long labor

Everyone had to wake up for this baby, because what was thought of as one baby was actually 3 babies. So a lot of rushing had to be done to make room for 3 babies. One girl, Karina and two boys, Jakob and Talon. Liberty said she was done and no more babies were coming from her body! Braylen cradled Karina in his arms and readily agreed. He now had 5 children to feed!

Crying x 3

Everyone was interested in the babies. Bristol was often found talking and cooing to them.

Babies and Bristol

Shari plays music for them, because it seems to calm them.

03-15-15_12-41 AM-2

Shari and Bristol become great friends. Shari enjoys being a big sister and Bristol soaks up all the info she shares.

03-15-15_1-13 AM

Bristol showed a little interest in the garden outside, so Liberty gave a her tour and lesson on gardening. Shari has never asked about the garden, she is content to play. Bristol said she wanted open a vegetable stand or grocery store that sold only organic foods. She said she could meet a lot of people while owning her own store.

Briston in the garden

Music lesson time. Liberty believes that even though the family business is in gardening, all kids need to learn how to play an instrument. Her choice is the violin.

Music lessons

Shari and Bristol practice together after a day of playing at the park.

Musical sisters

Bristol imitates her big sister and plays for her dad and the triplets.

Briston seranades the triplets

The triplets grow up. Jakob (black hair) and Talon (red hair). I am not sure where the red hair comes from.

Jakob and Talon grow up

Karina, the female of the bunch. This is before her makeover, because I do not like the outfit for her at all.

Karina grows up

Karina is peeved with Jakob, because he keeps picking on her while she watches TV before bed. Talon is off reading a book. He wants to be ready for his first day of school. (I will have to do a list of traits for all the kids in Gen 2).

Jakob and Karina

The day after the triplets age up, it is time for Shari to become a teen. Liberty bakes her favorite cake. (Talon’s hair is now blond….I didn’t do it I swear.)

Shari birthday time

Happy Birthday, Shari. Let the fun begin. Triplets and a teenager in the house.

Shari is a teen

This is the remodeled home after the triplets grew up. I also added a pool. I think Bristol is already planning a pool party.

Remodel after triplets growup


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