Camping and baby – Gen 1.3

Braylen had to travel around town to find more plants to grow and found a nice group of people grilling out by creek. They invited him to join them and he readily accepted, because lately it has been all about Shari. He was ready for his little girl to grow up. Everyone was so excited about a new camping ground opening up soon.

Braylen meets neighbors

Liberty was enjoying baby Shari, but she knew it was time for her grow up and it made her a little sad.

Shari before growing up

Braylen told Liberty about the new campgrounds at Granite Falls and thought perhaps it would be good for them to visit once Shari grows up. Liberty thought it was a great idea since Shari would be starting school soon after growing up, plus it would be a great place to practice on baby number 2.

Let's woohoo

Weird how Shari had black hair as a baby, but grew up to have the color like her mother. She is an outdoor girl.

Shari grows up

The campsite was nice and Shari was reading up on the bugs in the area. Liberty made sure the tents were setup on the inside once Braylen got them set up.

Camping 1

Braylen was so excited that he managed to get the campfire roaring.

Man make fire

After taking a hike Braylen and Shari settled in to roast marshmallows. Liberty was tired and took a quick nap before grilling dinner.


They spent 3 lovely days hiking. gathering plants & bugs, grilling and playing games together. There were a few incidents with mosquitoes.

Family game time

Liberty and Braylen also had little grown up fun too. Hence the reason for 2 tents.

Camping Love

While they were away camping they had an extra room added, because they were planning to expand their family. They came home to a remodeled home that needed furnishing. Braylen quickly went to check on the garden since he wasn’t sure if the gardener he hired had actually done as requested.

Home remodel

Liberty had a makeover after the camping trip, because she felt it was time for a change. Judging for the queasiness she felt there were some changes happening for sure.

Baby sickness

Liberty told Braylen the happy news. He was happy and hoped it would be a boy this time.

I am pregnant again

Since a new baby was on the way, Liberty felt it was time for her to reconnect with her family, especially her mother. Her family wasn’t exactly thrilled that she married a gentleman farmer so they stopped speaking. They have never met Shari and Liberty knew that this rift needed to be cleared before her parents left this world. As it so happened her mother had a softening of the heart in her old age and was so happy to see Liberty.

Liberty visit her mom

Liberty watched as her daughter, Shari, talked to a boy after she came home from school one day. Shari was a pretty girl and was growing up so fast. She invited the boy over to hang out for a while.

Shari meets a boy

Liberty was so happy that her mother dropped in for a visit. Shari got a chance to meet her grandmother and it was a good thing she came by. because that next week both of Liberty parents had passed on.

Mom comes to visit

Here come’s baby!

Baby 2 coming

Shari loved her baby sister, Bristol, and did her best to help out. She couldn’t hardly wait for her to grow-up.

Sis feeding baby

Not long after Bristol was born, Liberty gave Braylen the shock of his life. She was pregnant again! He was sputtering “We just had a baby!” and “How did this happen?”. Liberty told him that she warned him that it could happen this way if they kept practicing without protection.

Wait we just had a baby


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