Cottrell Legacy – Generation 1

Gen 1 Founder

This is the founder Braylen Cottrell. Braylen comes from a long line of gentleman farmers and vineyard owners. He hasn’t really had to work the land like his great-great grandfather, because they have built the family business up so much that they hire out workers. Braylen wants to remain in the family business, but he wants to do it on a smaller organic scale. His parents bought him a nice plot of land in a town that was far away so that he could start out on his own and no favors from friends and business associates.

Arrival in Oasis Springs - G1

Braylen arrived in Oasis Springs to see that he had a very nice green lanscape to call his own. He noticed that there was a lot of desert areas around too. So he got busy calling around to find help to build a home on his new plot of land.

Neighbor house 1

Braylen knew his home would not measure up to the homes around him at first, but he knew with hard work he would make it grand one day.

Legacy Starter house

Home sweet home! Finally his home was finished and nice little area set aside for his garden. It is a one bedroom one bath home, but it will do.

Starter Garden - G1

Braylen only had a little money left so he only bought one planter box and some seeds to get his garden started. He heard that if he searched around town that he could find other plants to grow in his garden, so he wasn’t too worried about money just yet.

Potential spouses - G1

During his search for plants, Braylen happened upon to young ladies fishing. He tried to strike up a conversation with them, but they were really into fishing. He did find out that blonde’s name was Liberty Landgraab, she was a little friendlier than the other lady.

Night on the town - G1

Braylen hit the scene hoping to find Liberty out that night. No such luck, just a bunch of guys and two older ladies. He still had a great time out.

Library time - G1

Braylen hit the library the next day after tending to his new garden. He needed to read up on the lastest trends in organic farming, but he was also hoping to see Liberty.

Writing 1st Book - G1

What luck! Liberty was at the library at one of the computers upstairs. Braylen struck up a conversation with her and they talked for quite a while.

U did what - G1

The next day after his morning work, he went to visit Liberty. She was a bit shocked to see him, but she invited him in. Braylen was nervous, because he hoped that he had made a great impression upon her the day before. He wanted Liberty in his life and prayed he could convince her quickly.

Flirting - G1

They talked for quite some time and had a light lunch together. Braylen was quite pleased when Liberty started making flirty jokes and poses. He knew they would work this out. She wanted to be a writer, but was not opposed to helping out in the garden when needed. She loved his idea of organic farming and said she could write about it in her books. Braylen was excited, because he was sure he had met the girl of his dreams.

First Kiss - G1

Braylen decided it was time for their first kiss, but he did ask first. Liberty thought it was sweet of him to ask first. After the kiss, he immediately asked her to be his girlfriend and move in with him. Liberty was so ready to move out of parents home, because they acted as if she never existed anyway. She accepted both of Braylen’s offers. She told him that they could not woohoo until they were married. Braylen agreed also, because that is how he was raised. He told her that they could be married as quickly as she wanted or if she needed time he could wait, just as long as they were together every day.


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